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When blocking off hazards of the roads, you may be tempted to use metal barriers during excavation, roadworks, or off-street construction.

While they initially sound like a sturdier option, plastic road barriers are actually much better suited to use on UK roads and highways, than their metal counterparts.

Here’s everything you need to know about plastic barriers, including the benefits and how to get yours today.

Types of plastic road barriers

The most common types of plastic barriers used on or alongside the roads and highways of the UK are Chapter 8 barriers and water-filled traffic separators.

Both are subject to Chapter 8 Regulations, as set out by the Department for Transport, and aim to keep the roads safe for drivers, pedestrians, and anyone working on them.

Benefits of plastic road barriers

Plastic road barriers are generally constructed from HDPE and come with many benefits – which make them particularly suited to their outdoor, roadside environment.

Plastic road barriers have high resistance

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is potentially the most versatile plastic on the market. It’s also incredibly resistant to a great number of circumstances and situations, including:

  • Chemicals – HDPE will not break down as other plastics will when faced with limited chemical exposure.
  • UV – there will be limited fading and structural breakdown during prolonged or repeated use in bright sunshine.
  • Mildew and mould- minimal water damage, including removing the chances of rust development.
  • Frost- stopping physical damage that can accompany cold periods.  
  • Heat- plastic barriers can be used in temperatures up to 120°C for short periods.

Plastic road barriers are easy to handle

HDPE plastic road barriers are also incredibly easy to stack, transport, and dispose of, thanks to their construction and material type.

Stacking and transportation

Chapter 8 plastic road barriers can be easily stacked due to their rotating feet, maximising space within storage facilities and making it easier to transport barriers from site to site.

Once at the roadside, simply rotate the feet to allow the plastic road barrier to stand and lock into place to the next with their linking pin to string them together.

Water-filled traffic separators, on the other hand, don’t have adjustable feet, so can simply be placed into position, and filled with either water or ballast (sand) to help them stand in bad weather.

HDPE traffic separators also feature an interlocking mechanism, to help create a roadside boundary.


Unlike powder or plastic-coated metal barriers, once your plastic road barriers are too faded or damaged to be used, they can be dropped off with your preferred HDPE 2 recyclers or barrier manufacturers.

This allows them to be recycled and re-purposed, instead of going to landfill.

Plastic road barriers are eye-catching

For increased safety, Chapter 8 traffic management barriers and water-filled traffic barriers alike are generally brightly coloured to attract the attention of road users.

The Chapter 8 plastic road barriers tend to be coloured a striking red, with a patterned strip that features a repeating red and white pattern, reminiscent of the UK’s No Entry traffic sign.

This strip is attention-grabbing during the day and is also reflective, so vehicles passing at night will see it when it reflects light from oncoming headlights or fog lights. 

Water-filled traffic separators mimic this red-and-white warning pattern, by alternating red and white coloured individual units, though some larger units also feature the warning strip like the one included on Chapter 8 plastic road barriers.  

Did you know

We can also create custom plastic road barriers using colours that link to corporate branding, logos, or contact information.

Ask us about your options when you enquire!

Plastic road barriers are impact safe

As a blown or extruded plastic, Chapter 8 road barriers remain sturdy, regardless of turbulent weather conditions.

They are also less likely to cause impact damage if they meet vehicles on the road, thanks to their dull, rounded edges, unlike the pointed and sometimes sharp sides of metal barriers.  

Order plastic road barriers from Blok N Mesh

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