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Steel Builders Trestles

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Steel Builders Trestles

Crafted with top-quality tubular steel, these trestles are built to last. Their bright red powder coat not only makes them visually appealing but also adds an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. The lightweight design of these trestles makes them easy to carry and maneuver around your worksite, allowing you to complete your tasks efficiently and quickly.

Our trestles are a smart investment that will provide you with a safe and convenient way to reach any height, ensuring that you can complete your tasks with ease and confidence.

Opening HeightsSize 1Size 2Size 3
Hole 16407451065
Hole 28058951220
Hole 310481370
Hole 412001525
Hole 51680

Additional information

Our trestles are specifically engineered to work in tandem with our timber scaffold boards, providing an optimal height solution for your construction or home improvement needs. The design of these trestles ensures that you can easily reach any height with both safety and convenience in mind.

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