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Crowd Control Barriers

Our range of crowd control barriers for hire or sale includes fixed leg barriers, powder coated barriers, loose leg barriers and much more. Our industry-standard fixed leg crowd control barrier is one of the industries most popular and trusted barrier systems on construction sites and for events throughout the UK and Ireland. Powder coated options are also available as standard, or bespoke in your brand colours, get in touch with us for details.

Hire or Buy Crowd Control Barriers

About Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are a low-level, rapidly installed perimeter protection solution, designed primarily for guiding pedestrian foot traffic and creating designated safe areas for groups of pedestrians. Whilst crowd control barriers create a physical barrier, the presence of the barriers also provides a clear psychological barrier to advise pedestrians which areas are safe, or not, to access.

Crowd control barriers are supplied in various dimensions, though industry standard sizing is approximately 2.3m wide by 1.1m tall. They almost always comprise of a bent galvanised steel frame, secured with bars or tubes though in some products wire mesh may be used as a covering.

Types of Crowd Control Barrier

  • Fixed Leg Barriers
    Fixed leg barriers are freestanding structures which have been designed with integral “fixed legs” which allow the barrier to support it’s own weight without any additional fixings which makes them extremely fast and easy to install and relocate.
  • Loose Leg Barriers
    Loose leg barriers are barrier structures without any fixed feet, meaning that they require some kind of accessory to support their weight. Specially designed feet for crowd control barriers are often available or fence feet can also be utilised in some cases. Loose leg barriers may sometimes be preferred to fixed leg due to easier transportation as the structures are “flat”.

Crowd Control Barrier Materials & Powder Coating

Crowd control barriers are typically supplied in a galvanised steel finish ensuring that they are not overly susceptible to weather, nor prone to rust, ensuring that they retain their robust structure for years.

Powder coating is often available, and popular, with crowd control barriers – the process which involves covering a material with epoxy powder and heated to create a protective layer. Often powder coated items are coloured. Red and white powder coated barriers are particularly popular for traffic management purposes.

Crowd Control Barrier Installation

Fixed leg crowd control barriers generally do not require any additional fixings or tools to install, making it extremely quick and easy to create a perimeter. Most fixed leg barriers will feature an integral “J hook” to link the barriers to one another, sometimes this link may be “hook and eye” comprising of a male and female component to each barrier.

Loose leg barriers will typically require feet of some kind to help them support their white, galvanised anti-trip feet which are purpose built for loose leg barriers are most popular due to their minimal footprint, though fence feet is also a good option. Fencing couplers may also be used to link the barriers for extra stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are red or white crowd control barriers best?

Crowd barriers often come in either red or white powder coating or a galvanised steel finish.

Red powder-coated crowd control barriers are most often utilised by construction projects, as the red colour subconsciously signifies danger and helps keep people safe. However, there is no reason that other events can’t also use red barriers – especially if they prefer the appearance of red.

White barriers are generally most common with live sporting events, open days, and art installations, but likewise, there is no reason this must be the case, and events of all types can use any finish.

Both the red and white crowd barriers are powder-coated to help them remain in good condition for years to come, no matter what the weather might throw at them. Opting for powder-coating also reduces side effects such as rust, cracking, and slows barrier failure.

The galvanised crowd barriers are also manufactured to be long-lasting, as the galvanisation process imbues the barrier with increased rust and weather resistance, even without regular maintenance.

For help choosing between the crowd barriers for sale with Blok and Mesh or to order powder coating in your brand colours, contact our office today on 0870 950 5788 or fill out our contact form and we’ll do everything we can to help you narrow down your choices.

Are crowd barriers movable?

Although very easy to position, crowd control barriers are not designed to be moved once put into place and connected.

Each barrier has a J hook on the side that links multiple barriers together, limiting the amount of movement that can be achieved once the barriers are installed and pulled tight.

If the barriers are not positioned correctly or pulled tightly, moving them will be significantly easier, reducing the effectiveness of the crowd barrier.

This simple and effective security feature discourages people from touching the barriers and can stop unauthorised people from being able to move the barriers if they try.

As such, to save time, users should check the proposed position of crowd control barriers before locking them all into place.

Ready to order? Call our sales team who will talk you through the process and can take your full order over the phone. Alternatively, if you have a credit account with us, feel free to add your chosen products to your basket and check out at your leisure.

Where can crowd barriers be used?

Crowd control barriers are generally used to enclose private events and safely manage the flow of potentially very large groups of people.

Crowd barriers are a common sight in city centres, leisure venues, and construction sites across the UK. But they can also be used for a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Road sectioning and maintenance
  • Sporting or racing events
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Around temporary displays or artwork including sculptures
  • Air and ferry points
  • Fairgrounds and circuses
  • New building or shop openings

To find out more about our specific range of crowd barriers for sale, you can call our sales team or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Are fixed-leg or loose-leg crowd barriers best?

Crowd control barriers generally come in two variations: fixed or loose leg.

Fixed-leg crowd barriers have small metal legs that hold up the barriers, helping hold back visitors. Loose-leg barriers, however, need fence feet to hold them up – as with temporary fencing.

Most people prefer loose-leg crowd barriers as they are easy to stack and transport, allowing them to move large quantities of barriers to the site. However, with these barriers, you will also need to purchase corresponding metal or plastic fence feet.

Fixed-leg crowd barriers don’t need any extra accessories, but they can take up more room when stacked, allowing you to transport less at a time.

No matter which type of crowd barrier you choose, Blok N Mesh provides packages that include the crowd barrier and the fence feet (if needed), making ordering much simpler.

For more information about ordering or shopping online, you can speak to our friendly team by sending them an email or by filling in our online contact form.

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