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Crowd Control Barriers

Our range of crowd control barriers for hire or sale includes fixed leg barriers, powder coated barriers, loose leg barriers and much more. Our industry-standard fixed leg crowd control barrier is one of the industries most popular and trusted barrier systems on construction sites and for events throughout the UK and Ireland. Powder coated options are also available as standard, or bespoke in your brand colours, get in touch with us for details.

Hire or Buy Crowd Control Barriers

About Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd control barriers are a low-level, rapidly installed perimeter protection solution, designed primarily for guiding pedestrian foot traffic and creating designated safe areas for groups of pedestrians. Whilst crowd control barriers create a physical barrier, the presence of the barriers also provides a clear psychological barrier to advise pedestrians which areas are safe, or not, to access.

Crowd control barriers are supplied in various dimensions, though industry standard sizing is approximately 2.3m wide by 1.1m tall. They almost always comprise of a bent galvanised steel frame, secured with bars or tubes though in some products wire mesh may be used as a covering.

Types of Crowd Control Barrier

  • Fixed Leg Barriers
    Fixed leg barriers are freestanding structures which have been designed with integral “fixed legs” which allow the barrier to support it’s own weight without any additional fixings which makes them extremely fast and easy to install and relocate.
  • Loose Leg Barriers
    Loose leg barriers are barrier structures without any fixed feet, meaning that they require some kind of accessory to support their weight. Specially designed feet for crowd control barriers are often available or fence feet can also be utilised in some cases. Loose leg barriers may sometimes be preferred to fixed leg due to easier transportation as the structures are “flat”.

Crowd Control Barrier Materials & Powder Coating

Crowd control barriers are typically supplied in a galvanised steel finish ensuring that they are not overly susceptible to weather, nor prone to rust, ensuring that they retain their robust structure for years.

Powder coating is often available, and popular, with crowd control barriers – the process which involves covering a material with epoxy powder and heated to create a protective layer. Often powder coated items are coloured. Red and white powder coated barriers are particularly popular for traffic management purposes.

Crowd Control Barrier Installation

Fixed leg crowd control barriers generally do not require any additional fixings or tools to install, making it extremely quick and easy to create a perimeter. Most fixed leg barriers will feature an integral “J hook” to link the barriers to one another, sometimes this link may be “hook and eye” comprising of a male and female component to each barrier.

Loose leg barriers will typically require feet of some kind to help them support their white, galvanised anti-trip feet which are purpose built for loose leg barriers are most popular due to their minimal footprint, though fence feet is also a good option. Fencing couplers may also be used to link the barriers for extra stability.

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