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Buy or Hire Construction Site Hoarding

Our range of site hoarding systems at Blok ‘N’ Mesh for building and construction sites includes a wide variety of options for various site requirements, for example hoardings in 2m or 2.4m heights, steel or PVC hoarding materials, in-ground or on-ground hoarding systems and much more. We’ve supplied the construction and allied industries with market leading site hoardings for many years, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about building site hoarding!

About Site Hoarding

A site hoarding, much like temporary fencing, is a temporary perimeter designed to shield a construction or building site for the safety of the general public and workers on site. Unlike temporary fencing, which utilises mesh, a site hoarding system generally comprises of solid panels making visibility of the construction site impossible for passing foot traffic, ideal for ensuring equipment is not visible and therefore more likely to be stolen from building sites.

Site Hoarding Bracing

Site hoarding systems can be split into two different categories of bracing, “in-ground” or “on-ground”.

In-Ground Site Hoarding

In-ground site hoarding is where, in order to install the hoarding system, some level of ground excavation is required for an essential component of the hoarding. In most cases steel tubes are dug into the ground and filled with concrete before being fixed to the site hoarding panels.

On-Ground Site Hoarding

On-ground site hoarding requires no ground excavation, instead it uses weighted ballast that sits on top of the ground surface which is generally fixed to the hoarding panels with steel tubes. This type of bracing often requires particularly heavy ballast such as concrete kentledge blocks or water filled ballast tanks.

As well as standard concrete, Blok ‘N’ Mesh’s technical team, now offer an ultra-low carbon concrete mix (ULCC), resulting in the embodied carbon rating being reduced by 71% when compared to using the traditional concrete ingredients, and yet will still comply with British Standards for structural use.

Wind Calculations

Site specific wind calculations are vital for any site using a hoarding system. Without adequate ballast for the site location and environment, the solid structures can be particularly susceptible to wind. Unlike temporary fencing, which is predominantly air permeable due to it’s mesh facing, wind hits the solid panels of hoarding and must be correctly secured for safety.

A wind calculation, which is available from us at Blok ‘N’ Mesh, will assess the site location with the hoarding system used to determine the recommended installation and type / quantity of ballast required to minimise the risk hoardings falling or sliding.

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