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Defender™ Paladin Profiled Mesh Fencing

Our temporary V-mesh fencing solution, Defender™ Paladin Fencing, is an innovative option designed for sites that require a taller and more secure fencing perimeter without compromising on the “temporary” aspect of the fence. Like other temporary fences, Defender does not require any ground excavation and can be easily relocated as needed. However, an in-ground “bolted” option is also available for those who require a more permanent solution.

No-Dig Installation

Defender™ profiled mesh fencing provides much greater rigidity and strength than traditional flat mesh panels and achieves an improved level of security for those sites where standard builder’s temporary fencing is considered insufficient.

Customisable Fencing

Defender™ profiled mesh fencing, as well as being available in 2.4 and 3m heights, can be customised to suit the customers’ requirements and different ballast options are available to suit the requirements of the customer and environment.

  • It is available in 2.4 and 3m heights.
  • No-dig installation – No-dig system, completely relocatable and reusable.
  • Wind loading calculations – Full site-specific wind loading calculations available on request.
  • Vehicle & pedestrian gates – Gate systems available designed for safe and secure access to site.
  • Anti-trip – Zero trip hazards on the pedestrian facing side of the fence system.
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Comprehensive Range of Ballast Options

A comprehensive range of ballast options available including several which can be lifted and positioned by hand:

  • BraceBlok®
  • LiftBlok™
  • Water filled ballast
  • “Green giant” ballast bins
  • 275kg Cement free ballast
  • 750kg SafeBlok™ *
  • Bolted in ground

*Ultra-low carbon option available

Designed for Easy Installation

The Defender™ system is not only a highly effective and flexible system, it has also been designed to be straight forward to install, store and transport.

The system comes supplied with all fixings.

The base units are stackable to save space when not in use and the bottom most base unit has fork lift pockets so that the stack can be positioned easily.

The posts are supplied with a plastic cap incorporating hanging hooks to assist installation.

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