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2m High Utility Fence

Weight 8.20 kg
Dimensions 200 × 110 cm
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2m High Utility Fence

The Utility Fence offers a modern alternative to standard metal fencing. Standing at a height of 2m, this durable non-conductive panel can be effortlessly installed by a single individual.

It is entirely safe to handle, boasting smooth edges and eliminating any risk of injury. The absence of separating mesh minimizes potential harm to both workers and the public.

Additionally, it comes with a Chapter 8 compliant reflective panel and pre-fabricated fixing holes, allowing for easy attachment of permit/courtesy signs when necessary.


  • Completely non-conductive – no risk of shock
  • Single person lift and installation
  • No metal mesh reducing potential injuries and wo workforce and public
  • Safe stacking – 40 per pallet
  • Highly reflective panel
  • Complete angular movement to navigate bends and corners
  • Compatible with both Multifit blocks
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Available in corporate colours and branded to suit


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Does someone need to be present at the delivery address?

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