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Pedestrian Barriers

What are pedestrian safety barriers?

Pedestrian barriers are designed to create an easily deployed, rapidly installed low-level perimeter that can be simply relocated with minimal time or tooling.

They keep pedestrians away from potential hazards on roads and motorways, without the disruption and traffic jams that can occur when roads are closed.

Generally, pedestrian barriers are utilised in various industries for the general public’s safety and workforces, including building & construction, roadworks, sporting events, retail, and many more.

The experts in pedestrian barriers

At Blok N Mesh, we manufacture and supply over 500,000 pedestrian barriers every year across the UK and Ireland alone, not including redistributed branded barriers known and loved by the industry – so we like to think we know what we’re talking about when it comes to pedestrian barriers!

Our range of pedestrian barriers available to buy or hire includes, but is not limited to:

Which type of pedestrian safety barrier is best?

The type of pedestrian barrier utilised largely depends on the requirements of the environment where it’s installed. For example, most roadworks projects will use HDPE Chapter 8 traffic barriers due to the reflective Chapter 8 strip, designed to help with traffic management and minimise hazards.

HDPE water-filled barriers are also considered by those looking to increase the distance between other road users and road-related projects, as they are secure, strong, and very simple to install.

Many events utilise metal crowd control barriers to guide foot traffic or keep groups of pedestrians contained for their safety, as they provide sturdy crowd control support while also being narrower – leaving more of the footpaths free to use.

Possible events include:

  • Temporary displays or art installations
  • Festivals and concerts
  • New building or shop openings
  • Sporting or racing events
  • Open-air events, including fairs and circuses
  • Airports and ferry ports
  • Large queues
  • Maintaining social distancing guidelines

Find pedestrian safety barriers – for however long you need them

Blok N Mesh is proud to provide pedestrian barriers for any project you may have, available for hire or to purchase and keep.

This gives our customers a large range of options, providing the equipment needed to complete their projects on time, and on budget.

Why opt for pedestrian barrier hire?

Pedestrian barrier hire is a sensible option for shorter-term projects or for teams with reduced storage capacity.

Hiring pedestrian barriers from Blok N Mesh allows you to choose which day you need the barriers to be delivered, and even there’s even the possibility of requesting an AM or PM delivery slot – reducing the amount of equipment you need to move from your office to site.

This is a lifesaver for teams who have taken on large projects that need tens to hundreds of barriers but lack the storage space for them.

Why choose pedestrian barriers for sale?

If your team is taking on longer-term projects or has plentiful storage options, pedestrian barriers for sale from Blok N Mesh may be the best option for you.

Not only can you use your pedestrian barriers for many years to come, but you can limit the number of times you need to arrange delivery and return barriers to us – giving you more freedom to get on with the job at hand.

Similarly, if your project timelines increase, you won’t need to call the office and extend your lease – reducing your to-do list!

Find out more about our options for pedestrian barrier hire or sale.

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