1. Temporary Fencing

    Blok n Mesh Temporary Fencing
    A complete range of temporary fencing and accessories
    available for hire and sale nationwide.
  2. POLMIL®

    Blok n Mesh Polmil High Security Fencing Range
    Designed and manufactured exclusively by Blok N Mesh UK
    providing high security temporary perimeter protection
  3. Steel Hoarding

    Blockade™ Hoarding from Blok n Mesh Ltd
    A comprehensive range of in-ground and on-ground
    steel hoarding systems
  4. Barriers

    Barriers from Blok n Mesh Ltd
    A complete selection of demarcation and safety barriers
    for pedestrians and vehicles
  5. Reuse-A-Wall™

    Reuse-A-Wall™ from Blok n Mesh
    An innovative and adaptable internal modular hoarding system,
    designed and manufactured in-house, exclusively supplied for hire and sale
  6. Slot Blok Barrier™

    Slot Blok Barrier™ from Blok n Mesh
    The ONLY water filled barrier to fit an Industry standard 3.5 x 2m mesh panel.

Welcome to Blok N Mesh UK Limited

Blok N Mesh UK Limited, the United Kingdom's premier manufacturer, supplier and installer of temporary fencing and hoarding products is part of the Crownlea Group. We supply a complete range of Steel Hoarding, Temporary Fencing and Demarcation / Pedestrian Barriers. Manufactured, Delivered, Installed, Dismantled and Relocated Nationwide.