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Blok ‘N’ Mesh is a market-leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of temporary fencing, site hoarding and barriers.

Supplying the construction and allied industries for 40 years, the business is dedicated to providing confidence in the quality of its products and services to its customers based on fair and ethical trade.

In addition, the company recognises its responsibility to the communities in which it is based, to invest in its colleagues and to be a leader in the industry on reducing its environmental impact.

This document, which links closely with our Environmental Awareness Policy Statement, Carbon Policy Statement, and Equal Opportunities Policy, confirms these commitments and demonstrates how we will implement our corporate responsibilities and promote our social values. It replaces the company’s previous Corporate Responsibility Policy Document.

Blok ‘N’ Mesh has reviewed its operations and identified the main impacts of our work on the communities and environments in which we operate. We aim to address these impacts by: –

Employment and training:

  • Creating employment opportunities within the communities in which we are based
  • Enabling local people to obtain the skills needed to access employment or further their career with new skills
  • Ensuring our employees are treated in a fair and equal manner, in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Recognising the importance of employee’s mental and physical health in and out of the workplace Ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for our staff, customers, and visitors

Engaging with the community:

  • Carrying out activities that deliver benefits to local communities
  • Working with colleagues to support local charities delivering additional benefits to the communities in which we operate
  • Working with education and training providers, industry bodies, local chambers of commerce and charities to offer practical support, advice, and work experience opportunities
  • Engaging with local communities and assisting with prevalent issues such as employment, noise, waste, transport, etc.


Whilst our Environmental Awareness Policy Statement and our Carbon Policy Statement cover our general principals in more detail, these include: –

  • Minimising the production of waste by means of resource efficiency and the avoidance of unnecessary packaging
  • Ensuring recyclable waste is segregated from non-recyclable waste before safe disposal, minimising the quantity of material sent to landfill.
  • Expanding our inter-group recycling of plastic for re-manufacture into accessory products
  • Expanding our schemes to recycle steel, office equipment and consumables
  • Purchasing locally and/or utilising recycled materials (or materials obtained from renewable sources) wherever possible and viable.

Reporting and review:

  • Effectively communicating this document to all staff at their induction so that they understand their responsibilities and the positive contribution they can make in the implementation of this policy
  • we communicate this policy to our supply chain partners and relevant interested parties
  • Promoting a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility. Ensuring all staff follow our Code of Conduct
  • We review this policy on an annual basis

This Policy Statement applies to all divisions and functions of the Company. It is approved and will be reviewed

and updated annually by the Company Directors. Amendments will be made as and when necessary.

Signed: Name: Simon Worsley

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Date: 10th August 2023

Review Date: 10th August 2024

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