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Chapter 8 Traffic Barriers

Chapter 8 traffic barriers available in plastic or steel base material, featuring chapter 8 compliant strip, ideal for traffic management and roadworks. Our range of chapter 8 barriers includes our very own manufactured product solutions as well as some of the industry’s favourite branded items available for hire or sale nationwide. Options including standard and anti-trip feet are also available.

Hire or Buy Chapter 8 Barriers

About Chapter 8 Barriers

Chapter 8 barriers are typically barrier systems made from HDPE or similar durable plastic materials, used for traffic management purposes. They can be clearly identified by their integral red and white chevron reflective strip, designed to increase visibility of road works for pedestrians and passing vehicles. Most commonly chapter 8 barriers are either red or orange in colour, in keeping with other industry standard traffic management products for road works.

Chapter 8 Barrier Customisations

  • Colour
    The colour of the plastic barrier, which can be often extruded in a different tone to suit corporate branding
  • Feet
    The feet of the barrier, which can often be supplied as standard or the preferred anti-trip feet for highly pedestrianised areas
  • Branding
    The branding, as barriers can often be embossed with a company logo, or contact details

Chapter 8 Barrier Installation

Installation of chapter 8 barriers is generally achieved without any additional tooling or fixings required, though each barrier may vary slightly. Most chapter 8 barriers will feature an integral “hook and eye” connection meaning that they will easily and quickly interlink with one another to form a chain. Chapter 8 barriers have also been installed as a square shape for small roadside construction areas, around manholes for example.

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