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Most commonly used at construction sites or large events, temporary fencing and site hoarding work to secure perimeters and ensure the safety of the general public and site staff.

But why might you opt for temporary fencing instead of site hoarding and vice versa? 

Why choose temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing is a very common sight across the UK, offering a temporary, relocatable perimeter that keeps restricted sites secure and reduces the chance of injury on either side of the perimeter.

Made up of temporary fencing panels, fence feet, fence couplers, and fence gates, temporary fencing systems are stackable and can be installed with as little as a team of two in a few hours. 

Temporary fencing can be used for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Construction
  • Festivals
  • Queue management
  • Secure areas
  • Livestock control
  • Sporting events
  • Demolition sites

Temporary fencing panels are generally meshed, with various sizes of apertures, which allow for visibility to be maintained while also deterring climbing from intruders.

Because of this maintained visibility, tasks that involve different work teams in the same area can remain safe, site management can be easier, and progress monitored. 

Why choose site hoarding?

Site hoarding is similar to temporary fencing, in the sense that it can provide a temporary barrier that controls access and ensures the health and safety of both staff and the general public.

Unlike meshed temporary fencing, however, site hoarding systems are made up of solid panels that entirely stop site visibility from passers-by.

Site hoarding is most often used at:

  • Construction sites
  • Building renovations
  • During events, particularly to screen areas with restricted or no access

Site hoarding can be installed to be temporary, referred to as on-ground hoarding, or more permanent and installed with excavation, known as in-ground site hoarding.

Blocking sites from view can be beneficial as it can reduce opportunistic theft of construction equipment or materials and can also limit the impact of projects on the surrounding area – which can often be unsightly and can take many months to look presentable to the public once more. 

Which is best for me: temporary fencing or site hoarding?

Whether you need temp fencing or site hoarding very much depends on the project you are undertaking.

If you need to restrict view

If a site needs to be hidden from view, temporary fencing can be covered by temporary fencing tarps, covers, and banners.

These extra products will incur an additional cost, but some tarpaulins, like the Acoustic Shield™ Noise Reduction Tarpaulin, come with noise reduction and can mitigate the sound of the events, absorbing up to 30dB.

If you would rather buy a single product to block visibility into your sight and provide a boundary, site hoarding is your best bet.

With a flat-faced design, site hoarding provides site protection and blocks visuals in one go while also providing a surface that is able to be covered with notices, advertisements, or branding.  

If you want to reuse the product

Re-usability is becoming an essential focus within the construction industry, to limit waste and help contribute towards the circular economy.

PVC site hoarding is incredibly long-lasting, with UV-fade and weathering resistance, and is frequently made from recycled waste materials.

Similarly, if you are looking for a long-lasting perimeter option, on-ground site hoarding can be used alongside ultra-low carbon concrete (ULCC) mixes – which reduce carbon ratings by 71% and still comply with British Standards.

Temp fencing is also a very durable product and can last decades if stored and maintained well, thanks to its sturdy steel construction.

When combined with fence feet, gates, and couplers, you can also reuse temporary fencing in any orientation – making it ideal for current and future projects.

If want to personalise your site

Personalisation can improve the appearance of the site and stop sites covered by site hoarding or temporary fencing from becoming an eyesore.

Site hoarding is very easy to cover with site hoarding wrap or graphics, so eye-catching displays, site information, rendered imagery, or advertisements can be added in as little as a few hours.

Alternatively, the recycled PVC of site hoarding can be extruded in a range of BS/RAL colours to match your corporate branding. This adds personalisation without the extra expense of wrapping your PVC hoarding boards and is preferred by many.

In contrast, the appearance of temp fencing can be improved by powder coating the panels, at additional expense, changing the colour and texture of the fence panels.

The meshed apertures allow for the easy attachment of temporary fencing tarps, covers, or banners, which can completely change the aesthetics of temporary fence panels – making them more appealing to the eye.

For perimeter protection, contact Block ‘N’ Mesh

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