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“Chip [Carbon] off the old block”

Date: 25th Jan 2023

Blok N Mesh helps customers reduce their carbon footprint

The wide range of on-ground fencing and hoarding systems manufactured by Blok ‘N’ Mesh at its factories in Runcorn and Knowsley largely rely on bespoke concrete ballast blocks, also called kentledge blocks, for their safety and stability. 

Despite developing alternative options, such as water ballast tanks, concrete has remained by far the most efficient and effective.

Concrete is the world’s third highest source of man-made CO2, and, as up to 90% of greenhouse gas emissions associated with concrete are in the cement1, it has become vital to find greener alternatives.

Working closely with their pre-cast concrete supplier, Blok ‘N’ Mesh’s technical team, lead by Tim Stewart, assisted with the development of a specific, ultra-low carbon concrete mix (ULCC), resulting in the embodied carbon rating being reduced by 71% when compared to using the traditional concrete ingredients, and yet will still comply with British Standards for structural use. 

Tim explains “This translates into a saving of 190kg embodied CO2 per unit for Blok ‘N’ Mesh’s most popular 750kg ballast block which is used as a structural support for our on-ground hoarding systems.

“Furthermore” he added “the latest 275kg, non-structural ballast blocks, used for stabilising our fencing solutions, is now available completely cement free! This will provide a massive reduction of 35 tonnes of embodied CO2 per 1,000 blocks.”

The necessity to limit global warming to no more than 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels has been well documented and publicised. The world must reduce CO2 emissions to as close to zero as possible by the middle of this century.

The UK Government has committed to reaching net zero by 2050 and every business, organisation and individual has a part to play in achieving this.

Tim concluded “As one of the largest temporary fencing and hoarding manufacturers in the UK we recognise the contribution we can make to help our customers lower their carbon footprint and this is a major priority within the business.”

Both the 750kg ultra low carbon and 275kg blocks will be on display on the Blok ‘N’ Mesh stand (B572) at UK Construction Week, Birmingham.

1 Source: Low Carbon Concrete Group

If you would like to find out more, contact the team at Blok N Mesh on 0870 950 57 88 or email sales@bloknmesh.com

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