Crane Guard™

Preventing trespassing and misuse of cranes

Crane Guard™, the unique tower crane protection system from Blok N Mesh was designed to deter risky activities from trespassers on construction sites involving tower cranes such as roof-topping, base jumping and reducing the likelihood of fatal injury, site stoppages and negative press.


Crane Guard™ is essentially a caged fencing system surrounding the base of a tower crane, built using components of the Queen’s Award winning system POLMIL fencing system, which was the perimeter fence system trusted to protect the public during the London 2012 Olympics.


The structure of the system contains multiple anti-climb features such as 358 prison mesh and an optional needletop, ensuring that Crane Guard™ is significantly more difficult to scale compared to alternatives, deterring trespassers from attempting to gain unauthorised access to tower cranes.

Multiple height and width options

Crane Guard™ can be supplied and installed in multiple heights and widths to suit your site and tower crane system.

Anti-climb features

Utilising components such as anti-climb 358 prison grade mesh and optional needletop, Crane Guard™ is exceptionally difficult to climb without aid.

Visible open mesh design

Unlike timber hoarding, the mesh provides complete visibility; ideal for if accidents occur at the base of the crane or to prevent trespassers from hiding.

Multiple security features

An integrated code entry digi-lock door and tamperproof fixings ensure additional security and prevention of unauthorised access.

Anti-Climb 358 Prison Mesh

Extra fine and robust mesh with small, climb resistant apertures and welds

Manufactured In-House

Designed and developed exclusively by Blok N Mesh

POLMIL® Components

Built using components of Queen’s Award winning POLMIL®

Custom Colour Options

Mesh can be provided in any BS / RAL colour code of your choosing

Flat Faced System

Ideal for attaching safety notices or site signage

Specialist Installation

Expert installation on site included by our specialist team

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