Safe Hoard™ Hoarding System

2.4m no-dig steel hoarding system

Safe Hoard™ has an intelligent ‘no-dig’ design which means the 2.4m steel hoarding system is ideal for use in areas where the risk of service strikes are high; car parks, pavements, etc. Safe Hoard™ is manufactured from heavy duty profiled steel for maximum strength, ensuring a more robust perimeter hoarding and is available with purpose-built vehicle gates and pedestrian doors with locking options, providing a secure and professional point of access to the site.


Safe Hoard™ is braced using the exclusive 750kg Safe-Blok™ ballast blocks by Blok N Mesh, which are easily transported on site via forklift, using their purpose-built fork inserts. Safe Hoard™ can be powder coated in your corporate colours creating a more professional looking site perimeter in keeping with your brand. Powder coating can be done in any BS / RAL colour.

Heavy duty profiled steel

Secure Hoard™ is manufactured using robust profiled heavy duty steel creating a strong and stable hoarding system.

Powder coating available

Safe Hoard™ can be powder coated in your corporate colours, enhancing your company marketing and branding on site.

Pedestrian doors and vehicle gates

Multiple access points are available on a Safe Hoard™ system for both vehicles and pedestrians ensuring a secure and professional site.


As an on-ground system, Safe Hoard™ is suitable for construction sites where excavation is a higher risk due to service strikes. used with 750kg kentledge Safe Bloks™


Ideal for use in areas with risks of service strikes


Safe Hoard™ is designed for multiple re-use

Corporate Branding

Powder coating can be done in any BS / RAL colour

Pedestrian Doors & Gates

Options for a variety of purpose-built site access points

Extremely Robust

Manufactured from heavy duty steel for extra strength

Manufactured In-House

Designed and developed exclusively by Blok N Mesh

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