Modular internal PVC hoarding

Reuse-A-Wall™ is a modular PVC hoarding system devised to suit internal works such as refurbishment, remodelling and shop fitting. Reuse-A-Wall™ is manufactured in-house from 85% recycled UPVC ensuring fantastic environmentally friendly properties. Reuse-A-Wall™ can often be found in a variety of buildings, but is most frequently used in supermarkets, hospitals, airports, shopping centres, train stations and leisure centres.


Reuse-A-Wall™ has been developed with trip prevention in mind, ensuring that there are no protruding features on the pedestrian side, maximising safety of the general public and mitigating the likelihood of legal action from avoidable accidents. With a flat surface, Reuse-A-Wall™ is also ideal for adding signage and hoarding graphics to utilise internal works as an advertising opportunity. Despite its strength, Reuse-A-Wall™ panels are exceptionally light and easy to handle, making transportation and installation quick and easy.

Suited to internal works

Reuse-A-Wall™ has been designed specifically for refurbishers and shopfitters to segregate internal works from the public.

Found in a variety of buildings

Reuse-A-Wall™ can be located in a variety of buildings such as supermarkets, restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, airports, train stations and much more


The public facing side of the hoarding system has been developed to specifically exclude trip hazards mitigating the risk of trips and potentially subsequent legal action.

Flat faced for graphics

Reuse-A-Walls™ flat facing surface makes it fast and simple to add signs or advertising of any shape or size directly on to the hoarding panels.


Can be used in various locations, such as train stations, airports, schools and hospitals

Flat Surface

Ideal for adding signage and graphics to utilise internal works as an advertising opportunity


Made from recycled UPVC windows, using 85% recycled plastic

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