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50kg Plastic Coated Ballast for Temporary Fencing

BraceBlok™ is a ‘specially moulded’ ballast block designed to fit onto temporary fencing and increase stability and wind loading.

BraceBloks™ are stackable, so multiple blocks can be placed together to increase wind loading on exposed sites. Two BraceBloks™ enable standard temporary fencing to withstand wind speeds in excess of 65mph.

Our BraceBloks™ are ideal for use with either the angled support brace or short brace and are easy to relocate with 2 people using our purpose built Lifting Tool.


  • Universal compatibility – suits most standard fence bases
  • No increase in footprint – maximises work area
  • Designed for stacking – safer storage and transportation
  • Made for the job – neat, effective, professional and safe
  • Coloured yellow for higher levels of visibility


Purpose: Ballast for Temporary Fencing
Weight: 50kg

Available in stock from your local depot. For more information or to place an order, submit an enquiry or call 0870 950 57 88.

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