Living Hoarding

Environmentally friendly living hoarding

Living Hoarding is an eco-friendly hoarding solution with ivy and vegetation growing on the sides of the panels, providing effective reduction of dust on site and minimising air pollution. It is a complete no-dig solution ensuring that there is zero waste on site. Living Hoarding provides numerous benefits to a variety of construction sites, more specifically to worksites in densely built up urban areas due to its ability to reduce noise, reduce particulate matter by 60% and improve air quality.


Planted surfaces have low noise reflectivity and high absorption properties. Ambient noise is attenuated by ivy screens, improving conditions around noisy construction sites and enabling Living Hoarding to provide significant reductions in noise pollution. Living Hoarding is a no dig solution; no waste is produced during the installation. Ivy panels and structures are pre-made off-site to avoid wastage. No obsolete components are left if the perimeter location changes as Living Hoarding is 100% relocatable and reusable. Living Hoarding is an aesthetic, unique and innovative solution enhancing a constructions sites image showcasing a duty of care to the local environment. Living Hoarding can even encourage biodiversity in the local area by promoting nesting birds, insects and butterflies.

Eco friendly

With ivy and vegetation growing up the panels of Living Hoarding, it creates a geniune eco-friendly hoarding system which improves air quality to any urban site

No-dig solution

As a no-dig system, no site excavation is required and Living Hoarding panels can be relocated simply with minimal site waste and no damage to the site surface.

Minimises air pollution

With real ivy growing up the sides of each Living Hoarding panel, reducing site particulate matter by up to 60% and reduce up to 40% reduction in carbon dioxide.

100% relocatable and reusable

Living Hoarding panels are simple and fast to relocate with forklifts and as an on-ground system; no excavation is required.

Eco Friendly

Displays that a business is assuming responsibility for environmental care

Improve Air Quality

Reduces up to 60% of particulate matter and reduces 40% of nitrogen dioxide in the air

Reduce Noise Pollution

High absorption of noise with low noise reflectivity compared to hard panels

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