With the important job of prepping a site and its foundations for construction, we understand that Groundwork Contractors often are the first on site, assuming the responsibility of organising a safe and effective site perimeter.


Having a perimeter secured as early as possible on site is important to ensure that the area is safe for the general public in the form of temporary fencing or temporary site hoarding. Once the site has been segregated and the perimeter is secure. Using a site perimeter from Blok N Mesh will showcase to your construction company customer that you are providing a degree of care on site with a supplier boasting a market leading reputation.


As a supplier to some of the UK’s most prestigious construction companies, Groundworks Contractors can also benefit from the same market leading product range such as Temporary Fencing, Defender Paladin Fencing, Temporary Hoarding Systems and more to ensure your site is well secured by products from Blok N Mesh.

How We Support Groundworks

Striving to provide a safe and secure perimeter

Helping to showcase your professionalism to customers

Providing a variety of systems for different applications

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