Fencing Contractors

As a fencing contractor, we understand that you need to supply your customers with a wide variety of fencing and hoarding solutions at competitive rates – as the market leaders in these product areas, we can supply a wide variety of products to suit your customers at industry leading prices.


We aim to supply and deliver your required solution, direct to site on-time, first time, ensuring you can fulfil your customers requirement without delay. Our ideal products for fencing contactors include Temporary Fencing, Defender Paladin Fencing™ and our unique hoarding systems such as Go-Hoard™, Blockade™, Safe-Hoard™ and many more.


As one of the country’s leading suppliers of temporary fencing and site hoarding systems, we strive to provide fencing contractors with competitive pricing and reliable delivery service direct to your site without delay.

How We Support Fencing Contractors

Helping to showcase your professionalism to customers

Providing a variety of systems for different applications

Striving to provide competitive pricing

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