As a demolition contractor, we realise that you have a huge responsibility for ensuring a safe and effective perimeter is created before demolition processes begin. The safety of the general public is paramount during higher than average risk processes such as demolishing buildings. Our products are designed to provide a safe and secure perimeter, ensuring demolition work can go ahead with little concern as far as site segregation is concerned.


Our range of site hoarding products are often available in multiple heights, sometimes extending as high as 3m to provide privacy for you as the contractor and safety for the general public. We also supply our industry renowned Acoustic Shield™ noise reduction tarpaulin built to suit temporary fencing panels, popular among demolition contractors for it’s sound absorbing properties, mitigating the sound produced by loud demolition procedures.


As one of the country’s leading suppliers of temporary fencing and site hoarding systems, we strive to provide demolition contractors with innovative products to provide a safe and secure perimeter whilst showcasing your company taking responsibility for the safety of the general public.

How We Support Demolition

Striving to provide a safe and secure perimeter

Helping to showcase your professionalism to customers

Providing a variety of systems for different applications

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