Civil Engineering

As civil engineers, we understand the huge responsibility undertaken for each construction project with aims to improve the environment, economy or solving problems for the community. Our products and service are all tailored to supply civil engineers with a cost effective, simple and safe site perimeter removing the stresses of a reliable site segregation.


Our range of products includes temporary fencing, on-ground rigid mesh fencing, on-ground and in-ground site hoarding systems ideal for providing a site perimeter during civil engineer works. Products like POLMIL have been used to protect some highly renowned works undertaken by civil engineers, on railways, at ports, bridges and much more.


As one of the country’s leading suppliers of temporary fencing and site hoarding systems, we aim to provide civil engineers with innovative products to provide a safe and secure perimeter with innovative and effective methods of site segregation.

How We Support Civil Engineering

Striving to provide a safe and secure perimeter

Helping to reduce the likelihood of theft from site and vandalism

Creating opportunities for advertising your new development

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