Acoustic Shield™ Acoustic Noise Pollution Shield for Temporary Fencing


Acoustic Shield™ is a 3.5m x 2.0m noise reduction tarpaulin designed to fit onto temporary fence panels, scaffolding and hoarding to protect passers-by and other workers from high levels of noise.

Simple installation and easy transportation makes it suitable for interior and exterior use, absorbing up to 30dB. High visibility strip sewn on to the outer surface for increased safety in the dark.

Blok N Mesh UK Ltd has developed a cutting edge acoustic product to provide some much needed respite from noise pollution on construction sites.

Acoustic Shield™ effectively treats noise issues ‘at source’ by absorbing and controlling the noise where it is generated, dealing with the problem head on, keeping unwanted noise at bay. It is extremely easy and fast to install and provides a cost effective solution to noise pollution caused by demolition procedures or loud power tools.

By reducing noise pollution, Acoustic Shield™ assists in the mitigation of noise complaints from neighbouring communities and helps to secure a better relationship between the construction industry and the local community as a whole.

Available in stock from your local depot. For more information or to place an order, submit an enquiry or call 0870 950 5788.

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