POLMIL® Fencing

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POLMIL® fencing is designed for rapid installation, and to be effective on all types of surface. It is intended as an equally secure, temporary, on-ground alternative to traditional in-ground security fence systems. POLMIL® is available for both hire and sale.

A high level of tolerance built into every aspect of the system means installation can be carried out without special knowledge or experience, and works well on severely uneven or sloping ground, especially as the panels can be overlapped without compromising fence integrity.

POLMIL® systems have been tested, utilised, and proven compatible with leading CCTV and Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS) on multiple global event venues. Fully adjustable on-ground vehicle gates and multiple crowd ‘blow-out’ gates are available, together with various pedestrian access/egress door options.

For all product related enquiries feel free to email us at enquiries@bloknmesh.com or call 0870 950 5788

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